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Customer Rewards Program

Program Details

It is our pleasure to provide our customers with a “Customer Rewards Program,” that offers bonus points to be used towards free car washes.  This program is set up to if you buy 9, you get the 10th one FREE.  Use your points today for a free one, or let em’ ride.  Your points will never expire.  No sign up required.  We simply input your first and last name, license plate number, and you are all set.  You can have as many vehicles under your account that you would like.  

Our customer rewards program generates over $50,000 worth of free car washes for our loyal customers each year.

How Do I Participate

Participation is simple. Each time you visit us we track your visits using your license plate numbers. If a customer has multiple vehicles, all of the license plates are simply linked to one account. Your points automatically accumulate with each visit, and when you buy nine washes, the tenth is free…ALWAYS!

When it’s time for a free wash, we will let you know. Use the free wash today or let the points ride! They never expire.


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